Color Residual 2: February

The second color residual session was held on Saturday, February 22. Artists shared current studies and work, and Dick led a formal critique using the critique guides below.

Sharing and critique

Download (PDF)

Objective Critique Guide

For more information, refer back to the Color Relationships class week 10 post and materials on the artist’s fenceposts.


Van_Eyck-Arnolfini_Portrait_1024Water was a subject in one piece discussed, which brought up the topic of “surface”. Light behaves differently when it encounters different surfaces. Water is transparent – light penetrates it – and it can be reflective – light bounces off it. Light is absorbed or reflected to different degrees by other surfaces. Paying attention to this behavior will help your paintings be more realistic, if that is a goal. Dick recommended the Arnolfini wedding painting by Jan van Eyck as a good one to study for examples of careful observation and rendering of different surfaces. Look closely at different parts of this full resolution version of the painting to see for yourself.

Review quiz – films

There was a brief review of concepts of films using the quiz images below. These images were chosen to really challenge your understanding of how colored films work! Refer to Color Relationships week 4 and week 5 for more examples and explanations of films.