Color Residual 6: June

Color Residual group June 28

The spring 2014 Color Residual group: Patt, Dick, Kari, Melissa, Valerie, Emily. Not shown: Betty Hay & Cheryl. Guests: Bonnie (on iPad), Chris

The sixth color residual session was held on Saturday, June 28, 2014. The group shared their ongoing explorations of color relationships in various media.

Sharing and critique

Chris brought in a selection of cubes she assembles from tri-hue watercolors. She achieved some stunning color interactions.

Looking ahead – future classes

Dick talked about his plans to offer an art history class, another color relationships class, and continuing the color residual critique group in the fall.

Dick considers knowledge of art history essential for any artist: “If you’re serious as a professional, you owe it to yourself to be aware of the options from the history of art. I can’t tell you what it opened for me. Keep asking ‘why?’ to get to the core – to get to the roots – of who you are. Art is too precious and important in our culture to do superficially.”

He’s started a list of people interested in the color class. If you know others, have them get in touch. Dick will interview everyone to ensure a good fit.

Most of the group was interested in continuing meeting for critique, after a summer break. We’ll need to add a few people, especially if anyone drops out. Members of this group will have the first option, then others in the 2013 classes and possibly others by invitation. New candidates will be carefully screened in order to maintain the sense of trust and openness this group enjoys.