Color ribbons

Aloha all you color enthusiasts!

Just wanted to share some color experiments I have been doing with the help of my computer, Albers, students and fifty-plus years of painting and teaching. It’s reasonable to assume that few, if any, artists could arrive at these color combinations through the traditional methods and theories of color composition. This is an addictive process which allows for discovery of unimagined and unique color concepts. A similar parallel might be found in composing music, for the orchestrations are based on most of the same sensations created by selecting particular instruments, themes and passages. And, of course, we will always find those whose response would be “So, what is it?”


Color Ribbons

These color ribbons were created with three primary colors. By overlapping varying percentages of transparency, color relatedness was never an issue. Luminosity was achieved, not by color intensity, but rather through halations and vanishing boundaries. Note how few colors are full chroma. Most are tones. Adobe Illustrator was used to produce these ribbons, but they could also be produced in transparent watercolor or acrylics.

See a video which demonstrates how these kinds of color relationships can be produced from the three primary colors cyan, magenta, and yellow in this post.