This CD was not my idea…but I wish it were. The bulk of the credit for making this a reality goes to Ann Wittenbrock, Bill Ernst, Kathy Sakai and Kari McCarthy.

Ann assembled a hundred plus lesson handouts of mine which were, for the most part, in need of some serious editing. Having taught with me, Ann combined that experience with a keen mind and tenacious nature that made it all work.

The CD, however, is more than just lessons, for they wanted to include a sampling of work and comments from former students. The task of assembling all these materials was Kathy’s.

Now, how do we put all of this together and make it workable and visually exciting? Enter Bill Ernst and his expertise with computer technology and graphic design. Upon his shoulders lay countless hours of thoughtful planning and production time.

Visual excitement did not stop here, for the CD was now in need of packaging for a market of discriminating artists, students and patrons. Kari and her Design Network team met the challenge and put the frosting on the cake.

Should you choose to pick the fruits of my years of teaching, know that the quality of that fruit is no better than the caring gardeners who nurtured the tree through tender, loving care. So, what I’m trying to say here is, if you care to taste the fruit of our labors, pick it before it falls to earth and…

Mahalo from a most grateful Dick Nelson

Educational Material: Richard Nelson
CD-Rom Design & Programming: Bill Ernst, Design Solutions
Package Design: The Design Network
Copywriting and Editing: Rita Goldman, Jane Loeffler and Ann Wittenbrock
Student Liaison: Kathy Sakai