Design & Color, Winter 2017 week 2

The second session of the Design and Color class for Winter 2017 was held on Wednesday, January 11. We critiqued the various homework assignments; heard from Dick on ‘heuristics’ and the 6 phases of creative problem-solving; and explored further the meaning of a ‘module’ and how to create designs that are not ‘freaks’! Read the full class post for handouts, visuals, and more information.

Drawing Foundation 2015 week 9

The ninth session of the Drawing Foundation class for Fall 2015 was held on Thursday, November 12. We critiqued the negative space collages, discussed the figure-ground ‘doodles’, and the importance of considering both aspects in your composition. We shared some laughs and debate over a final drawing test, and watched a video that answered the question “why bother with art?” Read on for more …

An artist's "fence posts"

Color Relationships 2013 week 10

Homework You will set your own assignment for a final project. You could set your criteria from the eight “fence posts”. Here are two examples of free color study assignments. Luminosity, Lose a shape Class recap Critique – Assignment 9, Transposing colors of equal value Several students said this was the hardest exercise yet. Distinguishing…