Color Relationships 2, Fall 2016 week 8

The eighth and final session of the Color Relationships 2 class for Fall 2016 was held on Wednesday, October 19. The majority of class time focused on the critique of the final assignment, Freedom!, which, as the title suggests, had a wide range of interpretation. Dick shared some of his personal thoughts on education and continual learning; we went over a brief end-of-class test; and we watched a short video to finish off the series. See the full post for photos and class materials.

Valerie’s stepping stones

At Dick’s request, Valérie Richter shares words and images from a year-long exploration of luminosity.

Dick says, “Every artist for whom color is important must see and read this account, for it provides a guide and inspiration for us all. I am so very proud of Valérie’s mission and her support group, Karen, Holly, Craig and her classmates.”

Color Relationships 1, Summer 2015 week 5

The fifth session of the Color Relationships 1 class for Summer 2015 was held on Tuesday, August 25th. Our last session for the Color 1 series was a visual delight, from viewing the range of materials and various interpretations of the homework, to our guest speaker Valérie sharing her recent watercolor explorations. We heard a philosophical take on Dick’s theory of teaching and the shared contract of the responsibility for in student/teacher relationship, discussed the value of experimentation, and wrapped up with a delicious “graduation” potluck lunch and an hour of socializing.

Color Relationships 1, Summer 2015 week 4

The fourth session of the Color Relationships 1 class for Summer 2015 was held on Tuesday, August 18th. We critiqued the transposition examples seen in Albers’ book, reviewed the homework submissions, enjoyed a poetry reading, and heard from Kit Gentry about the incredible use of value as it is employed in his paintings. We moved on to our last assignment (an exercise in freedom!), and Dick talked about considering how we might put these color concepts to use in the future.

Color Relationships 1, Summer 2015 week 2

Wow, only our second session and we are fast covering ground! In this class, we moved right ahead, learning more about arrays; the importance of recognizing the difference between hue and value; how to look at your work objectively; and most importantly: HALATIONS! The following post summarizes our exciting class activities, the importance of critique, the new homework, and the fun videos we watched (no shortage of laughter!). Read on for more …

Color Relationships 2, 2015 week 2

The second session of the Color Relationships class for Winter 2015 was held on Friday, January 16. We critiqued the solutions to the film illusion assignment (Create the illusion of a colored film over two or more colors), and had an introduction to veils. The new homework assignment is to create the illusion of one or more veils over a set of two or more colors, incorporating an actual veil (a piece of tracing paper or the like) into the study. Films and veils are two visual phenomena that help to unify and create emotion in a piece, intriguing the viewer and inviting their participation.

Color Residual 5: May

Abstract versus representational: Do you have to choose? Nine artists explored their use of color, and discussed goals, difficulties, solutions, and ideas. Evidence mounts of increasing color awareness and sophistication.