Trihue Watercolor, Week 3

The third sessions of the Trihue Watercolor class for Winter 2018 were held on Wednesday, January 31, and Sunday, February 18. The stripes homework was critiqued, with an emphasis on recognizing halation and vanishing boundaries, and knowing how to create them at will in a watercolor by understanding the necessary relationships. Cropping was used to focus on areas which exhibited harmonious relationships. Dick demonstrated halation with several arrays of Color-Aid paper. The new assignment has to do with discovering watercolor techniques, including various types of edges and gradations. This week, we have about an hour of demos captured on video.

Trihue Watercolor, Week 2

The second session of the Trihue watercolor class was held on Wednesday, January 24 and Sunday, February 11. Trihue glazing homework was critiqued, and the class discussed answers to the color pretest. Valerie RIchter and Dick demonstrated the new homework assignment, Composing Color Relationships, by glazing various saturations of the three primaries in sequence. This post contains handouts, photos, videos, and other resources.

Trihue Watercolor, Week 1

The first session of the Trihue watercolor class was held on Wednesday, January 17 and Sunday, February 4. The group started their painting homework in class, creating a 5×5 matrix of colors built up by glazing different saturations of the three primaries. A color pretest was also assigned as homework. This post contains handouts, photos, and videos from the first week.