Design & Color, Winter 2017 week 4

The fourth session of the Design and Color class for Winter 2017 was held on Wednesday, January 25. The new homework assignment is to explore opportunities for modular design using a geometric shape instead of a toothpick. Students shared more cardboard roll creations and modular toothpick designs, and Karen shared a clear and thorough presentation on understanding design programs.

Color Relationships 1, Spring 2016 week 4

The fourth session of the Color Relationships class for Spring 2016 was held on Wednesday, April 27. We critiqued the color transposition assignment, discussed the two ways to create luminosity in artwork, and enjoyed a watercolor demonstration that showed the effects of equal values, vanishing boundaries and halation. See the full post for class materials, photos, and videos to supplement our class time.

Color Relationships 1, Summer 2015 week 3

The third session of the Color Relationships 1 class for Summer 2015 was held on Tuesday, August 11th. We heard from participants about their latest experiences with color, critiqued the last two assignments, and moved on to explore a new facet of color interaction: equal value. This was a favored trick of the Impressionist painters, and when properly utilized can manifest the most beautiful and luminous fields of color. But matching value is much more challenging than it seems! It is truly the mark of a skilled colorist, one who can control their value selection as much as their choice of hues.

Color Relationships 2013 week 1

Homework assignment 1. Color deception: Bring in your study for critique next week Reviewing the value deception exercise criteria, solutions, and critique (slides 10-14 in the Class Materials section) will probably be helpful. If you plan to use Adobe Illustrator for your homework, watch this video for instructions on building an array in Illustrator and…

The Color Matrix

Following the ARRAY concept of color relationships, I have expanded Josef Albers’ two-parent relationship to a broader spectrum of color possibilities. The results are startling and a new tool for those who seek color harmony.