Design & Color, Winter 2017 week 8

The eighth session of the Design and Color class for Winter 2017 was held on Wednesday, February 22. We shared the last collection of cardboard creations, discussed the results of the last assignment Find A Design Need, viewed another slideshow of What ifs, and had a guest visitor, Valérie Richter, who shared her explorations in color relationships. See the full post for class photos and a full recap.

Valerie’s stepping stones

At Dick’s request, Valérie Richter shares words and images from a year-long exploration of luminosity.

Dick says, “Every artist for whom color is important must see and read this account, for it provides a guide and inspiration for us all. I am so very proud of Valérie’s mission and her support group, Karen, Holly, Craig and her classmates.”

Color Residual group June 28

Color Residual 6: June

In the sixth color residual session, the group shared their ongoing explorations of color relationships in various media. Follow-on sessions will be scheduled depending on interest, and Dick will offer art history and color relationships classes in the fall.

Color Ribbons

Color ribbons

Aloha all you color enthusiasts! Just wanted to share some color experiments I have been doing with the help of my computer, Albers, students and fifty-plus years of painting and teaching. It’s reasonable to assume that few, if any, artists could arrive at these color combinations through the traditional methods and theories of color composition.…

Tri-hue watercolor class, week 2

We had a long critique session, looking closely at each practice piece and making observations. At the end of class, Dick told us, “These are terrible! You’ll look back in future weeks and realize it. These show the origins too much [cyan, magenta, yellow].” And he assigned us to do it again, with new eyes,…