Color Relationships 2014 week 2

The second session of the Color Relationships class for Fall 2014 was held on Friday, October 17. We critiqued the homework studies for making one color appear as two. We experimented with matching an arbitrary color by combining transparent primaries in the Trihue demo on this site. The new color deception assignment for this week is to make three colors appear as two, or reversed grounds, and a free color study was also assigned. Links to Illustrator tutorials and references are provided.


Color Relationships 2014 week 1

The first session of the Color Relationships class for Fall 2014 was held on Friday, October 10. Through hands-on exercises, discussion, video, presentation, and worksheets, eleven students experienced the relativity of color and received their first assignment: make one color appear as two. Read the full post for details and class materials.

Color Residual group June 28

Color Residual 6: June

In the sixth color residual session, the group shared their ongoing explorations of color relationships in various media. Follow-on sessions will be scheduled depending on interest, and Dick will offer art history and color relationships classes in the fall.

2014-05-31 13.36.21

Color Residual 5: May

Abstract versus representational: Do you have to choose? Nine artists explored their use of color, and discussed goals, difficulties, solutions, and ideas. Evidence mounts of increasing color awareness and sophistication.

Miconia and Deer by Melissa Chimera

Color Residual 3: March

Five students and a guest shared completed or experimental work. Everyone is pushing their skills and exploring new challenges. In a round-robin discussion, Dick encouraged everyone to identify their own message. There was a brief review / quiz on concepts of the visual phenomena of veils, light, and colored light.

Color Ribbons

Color ribbons

Aloha all you color enthusiasts! Just wanted to share some color experiments I have been doing with the help of my computer, Albers, students and fifty-plus years of painting and teaching. It’s reasonable to assume that few, if any, artists could arrive at these color combinations through the traditional methods and theories of color composition.…