Miconia and Deer by Melissa Chimera

Color Residual 3: March

Five students and a guest shared completed or experimental work. Everyone is pushing their skills and exploring new challenges. In a round-robin discussion, Dick encouraged everyone to identify their own message. There was a brief review / quiz on concepts of the visual phenomena of veils, light, and colored light.

Color Ribbons

Color ribbons

Aloha all you color enthusiasts! Just wanted to share some color experiments I have been doing with the help of my computer, Albers, students and fifty-plus years of painting and teaching. It’s reasonable to assume that few, if any, artists could arrive at these color combinations through the traditional methods and theories of color composition.…


Color Residual 1: January

Eight people who took the 11-week Color Relationships course last fall have chosen to deepen their learning by participating in a six-part series of monthly “Color Residual” sessions. The first meeting was held on Saturday, January 25. Some topics that came up, and useful resources, are provided below. Dick was featured in an alumni profile…

Sharon's "Nelson FIsh" shimmer in volume color

Color Relationships 2013 week 11

Class recap This was the final meeting of the 2013 color relationships classes. As a review looking back on the course, there was a quiz covering key topics. Students brought in their final projects for critique. It will take time and effort to start applying this new visual vocabulary in your work, and Dick advised…