Valerie’s stepping stones

At Dick’s request, Valérie Richter shares words and images from a year-long exploration of luminosity.

Dick says, “Every artist for whom color is important must see and read this account, for it provides a guide and inspiration for us all. I am so very proud of Valérie’s mission and her support group, Karen, Holly, Craig and her classmates.”

Drawing Foundation 2015 week 2

The second session of the Drawing Foundation class for Fall 2015 was held on Thursday, September 24. The class shared some creative solutions for drawing a square on an index card and reviewed the one-point perspective homework drawings. Students used sighting and measuring techniques introduced in the first class to draw rectangular boxes set up on tables, using two-point perspective.

Drawing Foundation 2015 week 1

The first session of the Drawing Foundation class for Fall 2015 was held on Thursday, September 17. The program is designed to develop skills of observing, understanding, and expressing to enable communicating what we see, imagine, and feel.

Summer and fall 2015 class offerings

We have a few openings for a five-week Color Relationships 1 class to be held this summer, and a nine-week Drawing Foundation class to start in September. Read the full announcement for course descriptions, schedule, and cost. Contact Karen Bennett by email or through the website contact form for questions or to register.

Art is Us 2015 week 9

The ninth session of the “Art is Us” art history class for Spring 2015 was held on Thursday, May 14. Artwork from the Surrealism, De Stijl/Neo-Plasticism, Abstract Expressionism, Op Art, Pop Art, and Photo-Realism movements was introduced. Works by Salvador Dali, Jackson Pollock, Josef Albers, Claes Oldenburg, Chuck Close, and Richard Nelson were featured. Concepts from the whole course were reviewed in quizzes. The reason/passion polarity was revealed to be the organizing principle of the entire course.