Tri-hue watercolor class, week 4 follow-up

Homework for this week is exercises 5-7 on the assignment sheet from last week (Visual Phenomena & Painting Strategies): Illusion of a white spotlight; Illusion of a colored spotlight; 3D still life/landscape with cast shadow and ambient light. An example of exercise 7 in work is shown below. If you’re having trouble visualizing where the shadows should be, or how dark, it could help to observe it in nature, or set up a little model with a box and desk lamp, for example.

Also, if the discussion of last week’s exercises gave you new insight into 1-4 and you want to try any of them again for a more convincing effect, that would be great.

If you still have energy, time, and paint left over, you can continue your layering/color experiments!

Here’s the outline of a simple still-life/landscape to use for #7 so you don’t have to spend a lot of time drawing or inventing one.

Download (PDF)