Color Relationships 2013 week 11

Class recap

This was the final meeting of the 2013 color relationships classes. As a review looking back on the course, there was a quiz covering key topics. Students brought in their final projects for critique. It will take time and effort to start applying this new visual vocabulary in your work, and Dick advised “just playing” with color for awhile.

One student had advice for us as teachers: require students to rework assignments that miss the mark, so they’ll have them for reference in the future. She also advised students to label the exercises on the front or back, to know, in the future, what it shows. Students, now that you’ve finished the course, do you want to add any advice for Dick and Karen, or for future students on how to get the most out of it?

Dick and I have truly enjoyed working with each of you, and hope to see you again in color “residual” or “salon” sessions next year!

Quiz and review

Members of each class worked together to answer the review questions below. Students can download an answer sheet from their Tuesday or Saturday class page.

Color Final

Critique – Final projects

Students set their own assignment for their final projects. Many described their goals using the eight artist’s fence posts introduced last week. Critique focused on how well they met their goals and applied concepts of visual phenomena from this course. In keeping with the sixth phase of the creative problem solving process, Exploitation, Dick pointed out ways to take it even further. Several people attempted realistic scenes; Dick encouraged them to, at first, just play with color and enjoy it, without trying to render a scene. If you are trying to recreate a scene, ask yourself, “Why?”, “What are you trying to say by doing so?” What do you, as an artist, bring to it that a camera does not?